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Get It Right the First Time!
  1. When purchasing a home, you don't want to be surprised by unforeseen problems and repair work. That's why the smart home buyer will schedule a home inspection with a certified home inspector. It is important to know what you are dealing with on any real estate transaction, and that's where we can help you to become an informed home buyer. Make your buying experience a more pleasant one by letting us inspect the home or commercial property you are purchasing. It just makes sense!

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Testimonials of Happy Customers

                    Patti & Jeff Hardy
           Bruce Twp. (Romeo), Michigan

                       Tom & Rachael P.
                         Troy, Michigan

                            Dana C.
                 Richmond, Michigan

We highly recommend Ron Zuccaro for your home inspections. Ron takes the time to care about the inspection he does for you and it shows. The inspection report from Get It Right Inspection is the Best I ever received from having used past home inspectors. Ron gives you detailed information and explains what he is seeing as you both go through the exterior and interior of the property. You can be confident that Ron is very knowledgeable about how to inspect your future home; which shows on a wonderfully detailed inspection report, with photos and computer links to further educate you about your new homes needs for repairs or problems based on his findings. Ron leaves you satisfied and well informed. We couldn't have found a better inspector. I will be referring him, and you won't be disappointed! Give Ron a call! Thank You.
I recently had my house inspected by Ron Zuccaro from Get It Right. I found that he did a great job; he was professional and very thorough. Ron took time to answer and explain any questions and concerns that I had. He performed a detailed and thorough inspection of my entire home, informing me of any issues or concerns. I would highly recommend Ron for a house inspection; he has certainly exceeded my expectations!
We had a house inspected by Ron Zuccaro of Get It Right Home Inspection. He was very professional and very thorough. If my husband or I had any questions, he was able to answer them for us. He is very knowledgeable in all areas, and this made us feel comfortable with our decision to buy this house. His report was great and so easy to understand! I recommend him to anyone who is buying or selling a home.
Here are just a few of the types of defects that we find during a home inspection.

Click each photo for a description.
  1. Rust inside furnace cabinet due to condensation inside the furnace.
    Rusty furnace.
  2. This refrigerant line has cracked insulation and needs replacement for energy savings..
    Air conditioner refrigerant line.
  3. Double tapped branch circuit wiring in electrical panel. Possible fire hazard.
    Electrical panel issue.
  4. Shower tiles need grout to stop this floor from leaking.
    A cracked shower floor.
  5. Weatherstrippng gasket hanging loose allows air infiltration. Needs repair for energy efficiency.
    Loose door weather stripping gasket.
  6. Vent is plugged up with a wasp nest, restricting air flow.
    A bathroom vent
  7. Roof flashing at chimney needs sealant to stop a leak.
    Flashing problem
  8. Mortar deteriorated and missing on block foundation wall causes leaky basement.
    Foundation wall
  9. No weather head for electrical service entrance conductors. Water runs down service and into main panel. Sheathing on conductor is damaged.
    Electrical service entering home.